The right way to cater.


Simply sell and manage your catering menus with customized scheduling, personal support, and no billing.

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Ghost Concepts



Nationwide Shipping

No billing, no risk.

Restaurants only pay standard credit card processing fees.

Grow your business without restrictions.


Customize when your customers can place and pick up orders to optimize the flow of your kitchen.


Create a subscription for recurring revenue; launch a ghost brand at no cost; work with us to get creative about boosting sales.


Program your menus to justify bringing delivery in-house or leverage our third-party partner for flat, $7.00 delivery.

We love to see you succeed

Almost Home


“I appreciate how FamilyMeal allows us to flex our catering throughout the year.  Having orders placed and picked up on a custom schedule provides organization for our team and lets us deliver a better experience for our customers.”

– Robbie

Mav’s Top Buns


“FamilyMeal has been instrumental in streamlining our ordering process. Before we implemented their platform, we were overwhelmed with the sheer volume of orders we were receiving without a clear path. With FamilyMeal, we can now take on the volume of orders that we are receiving with their intuitive technology and helpful team.”

– Mike and Nikki

We often get asked

How long does it take to get set up?

Our onboarding time is measured in minutes not days.  Once you are connected to our payment processor, Stripe, you can add a menu item and start selling immediately.

Why should I switch from my current online ordering platform?

FamilyMeal has a restaurant-first ethos and we’ll always prioritize your business your business over our own. We’re here to compliment your business, not take away from it. 

I didn’t become a chef to sit behind a computer, what kind of support do you provide?

Everyone on our team has industry experience and understands the challenge of finding admin time.  We help as much as needed to set you up for success.

About Us

We believe that chefs, restaurateurs, and artisans play an integral role in our communities and a shift to more at-home dining does not mark the demise of hospitality.
As FamilyMeal builds tools to support a better model, we do so with reverence to the magic of sharing food with others.